New: Nine West Jareth boots

I have been looking for a pair of black ankle boots I could wear on nights out for quite a while now. I own plenty of black ankle boots, but unfortunately black suede doesn't take spilled drinks very well...

Because I know that these boots are going to be, well, trashed, I didn't want to spend an awful lot of money. When I found these (real leather) boots on the Shoeaholics website for just £39, I quickly decided to buy them. The £39 promotion is no longer on, but it is still worth taking a look, as they sell a lot of shoes from Kurt Geiger, Nine West and other brands for a fraction of the original price.

The only downside of these boots is that they are a bit too shiny for my liking. I have Googled this problem and apparently you can take the shine away with nail polish remover, but I don't think I'd like nail polish remover to come anywhere near a new pair of shoes. So I guess I'll just wear them on a night out soon. You all know what your shoes look like the following day...

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