Three apps every student needs

As most students own a smartphone, I thought I'd write a little post on the apps you'll definitely need. Well, maybe not need. Apps you'll certainly use...

Yik Yak
I'd say that this one is the most essential, especially during lectures. For all I know, all of its users are students and you're guaranteed Yaks about lecturers/people in the library/hangovers etc. And the app comes with the amazing feature to downvote posts. (We definitely need this on more social media!)

This app has already saved me so much money. You just sign up with your student email address and you'll immediately get student discount online and in-store with many stores. Normally the discount will be about 10%, but they do have temporary higher discounts every now and then. It's currently 25% off in Jack Wills!

Because you're a student and you love pizza. It is definitely not cheap, but Domino's is just the best. And because you probably order a little more often than you'd like to admit, the app will definitely come in handy.

I wouldn't say that these are my most used apps, because there's still Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook and all that, but these are the apps I downloaded when I came to uni. If you have any more recommendations, let me know!

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  1. Hey! Susanna here!I love YikYak. In fact, I follow them on twitter because their tweets always put a huge smile on my face.

    By the way, I love your blog. I am a new follower. I am just about to start my own blog about Study Abroad. So it is really cool to hear about your experiences. I hope we can be blogging buddies.

    Keep writing forever,


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