Surviving two-hour lectures

Two-hour lectures are generally boring, sleep inducing and mainly really, really long. You might think that only having two hour long lectures would make me an expert in surviving them, but unfortunately it doesn't. I often find myself scrolling on my iPhone or simply trying not to fall asleep. However, there are a few things you can do to make those lectures a bit more bearable...

Buy a drink
This can be Starbucks, Costa, Greggs or whatever coffee/tea you can find on your way to university. I always like to buy myself a large tea, which lasts me quite long (about 45 minutes) and any caffeine is welcome of course. The only downside is that you will need to go to the toilet at some point. Just saying.

Use your break
If you get a five minute break, get up from your chair. Go to the toilet (necessary if you have followed my first tip), buy yourself another drink, just move for a bit.

Bring some warm clothing
Since lecture theatres are either too hot or too cold, bringing some warm clothing is not such a bad idea. Getting too warm and cosy might make staying awake impossible, but there are not many things more uncomfortable than being cold (in my opinion). I always wear a scarf the size of a blanket when I am outside and bringing it to lectures has saved me more than once.

Bring your mobile phone
Probably not the best tip if you came to your lecture to actually learn something, but still. When a lecture happens to be incredibly boring, your phone will be your saviour. Scroll through Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Yik Yak and fifteen minutes will have passed before you know it.

Bring something to eat
With many lectures during lunchtime, getting hungry is difficult to avoid. Not bringing any food means that I'll spend more time planning my lunch than paying attention and I can't be the only one. Just be kind to your fellow students and do not bring any strong-smelling food. I'm serious, just don't.

I hope this has been helpful. If not, just remember that you don't have to go to your lectures. It's your own responsibility!

Do you have any other ideas to make those two hour lectures more bearable?

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