New: Topshop Premium plated shoulder bag

I truly didn't need another bag, but when I saw this one in the Topshop sale, I knew I had to have it. Unfortunately, it was sold out, so I had a little look around on the internet. I did eventually find it on the website of the Bijenkorf (a Dutch department store), but for a much higher price than at Topshop. When I checked again a few days later, it was on sale for just €26 (about £20) and I immediately bought it. I'm glad I did, because after my purchase it was sold out!

Moving on to the bag itself. It is a grey, leather shoulder bag with a heavy plated bit in the middle. The flap and the underside of the bag are made of a softer leather than the rest of the bag, which is a nice little detail. The bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and two small pockets on the inside.

What do you think of this bag? I now have to go and look for a coat to go with it...

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